Seeking Writers: The “Choose Your Own Adventure” Collaborative

Calling all fiction writers!

Novel Writing & Editing (NWE) is now starting a very special project and we’re looking for fiction writers who want to be part of something uniquely awesome!

Regardless of your preferred genre, you can join a collaborative of writers who will be working together to create the world’s largest “choose your own adventure” novel. Each chapter will be written by a completely different author which explores the consequences of the reader’s choice from the chapter before.

Here is how it works:

1. The Queue

Based upon when you contact us at NWE and become added to the closed Facebook group for collaborators, you’ll be added to our queue. Because each chapter is dependent on the one before it, it’s necessary for us to work in this linear fashion and do so as quickly as possible so that all of our writers can work on their pieces in a timely fashion. Don’t worry, our Facebook group will allow us to constantly update each other on progress, plot points and outlines so we can all still continue to make progress regardless of whether it’s our turn or not. It will also allow us to get feedback on each chapter, make and take suggestions, and steer the story in a more cohesive way.

When the chapter immediately before yours is done, you will be assigned one of the two options the previous writer has left the character at the end of their writing to continue the story from.

2. Your Chapter

Perhaps the previous author has left the character the option to go left or right, to turn back or continue on, or to confront another character or not. We will assign you one of the choices, and another author the other so you will both work on the choices consequences in tandem.

While it’s encouraged to explore your preferred genre and take the character in a totally unexpected direction, it’s important to keep a few things the same throughout the story for continuity’s sake. These things include:

  • General setting (time, place)
  • Existing characters
  • Tense
  • Character attributes (their actions should be in line with their existing characteristics. Example: a characteristically submissive character should not become drastically dominant, a typically quiet character should not suddenly become talkative, etc.)

While a great deal of issues arising from the collaborative process will be fixed in the editing phases, it’s important to try and keep with the bones of the story.

Do continue to update the group on your progress, the general outline of your story, the options you intend to give the reader, and details that may be useful. Accept feedback and be receptive to what the group says, as this is a joint project which relies on all of us working together.

3. The Edits

We believe in the “throw up, then clean up method” of editing, meaning we think it’s best to have the whole work completed before attempting major edits. However, we may notice plot points or other issues in the chapters beforehand that need to be fixed to head off future issues. The most likely scenario would be for us to alert you of the issue to be fixed and allow you to fix it yourself, but in certain cases we may elect to fix it on our side.

Regardless of who edits it, we will always let you as the author know before we touch any words you’ve written.

When the full project is completed, the NWE team will begin edits on the novel. Again, we will alert each author of any changes that are made. Post editing, we will submit the fully editing work to all of the authors for their review.

4. Representation, Publication and Rights

As the author of your perspective chapter, you will retain the rights to all words you submit to us until such time as any prospective publisher requests the copyrights.

NWE will retain the rights to find, secure and come to an agreement with a literary agent, as well as retain the rights to enter into a publication deal with a publisher with the following points in mind:

  • Any and all profits and advances that result from the publication and sale of the novel will be equally split between all authors, less legal and agent fees.
  • All authors included will be given credit for their work in this project.
  • Any rights not secured by the publisher (be it film, audiobook, etc.) will remain with the individual authors. The book in full will be the property of NWE and the distribution of rights shall be at the discretion of NWE with the above point valid, however the individual chapters may be used by the original author in whatever way they so wish.
  • Any merchandising produced by NWE in regards to the resulting novel will be the sole property of NWE as will the profits from all such merchandise, however each individual author may elect to produce and sell merchandise of their own with the same understanding that whatever profits they so produce will the products they made will be theirs in its entirety.
  • Initial and ongoing funding of this project up to the point of publication of the finished work is entirely NWE’s to be distributed as needed by the discretion of NWE.
  • NWE reserves the right to edit, cut, or outright deny the writing of any individual as it deems necessary as the manager of this project. Reasons to deny, cut or edit may include, but are not limited to, inappropriate subject matter/language/statements, sentiments regarded as inflammatory, callous, or harmful to any person, group or business, and overtly one-sided political statements. NWE is not required to furnish a reason for exclusion unless they so desire to.
  • In no way to NWE imply or guarantee the ultimate publication or profit of this novel. It is our hope that it does, but we can neither promise nor provide compensation for any author’s writing unless it is published and produces a profit.

5. The End Goal

Our ultimate goal is to bring together a group of masters of the craft in a wide range of genres to collaborate in a project that allows real connections and cooperation amongst those in an industry which is largely solitary. We hope to create an unusual and yet provocative piece that is traditionally published and wildly successful.

So what do you say? Do you want to be part of something special? We are beginning this project now and are looking for writers who want to be part of a team accomplishing this crazy goal.

To apply to be included in this collaborative piece, answer the questions on our closed Facebook group!

(Please make sure you answer all questions, and do include a link to your website if you have one under the question regarding publication!)

(You can contribute to this project even if you don’t want to write! All proceeds go to paying our team of editors and formatters here at Novel Writing & Editing as well as second tier editors hired to assure quality on this piece. We can’t do it without your support!)

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