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Master Lists

The Complete “Master Lists for Novelists” Collection: If you haven’t already signed up for them, here’s the link again. It is completely free of charge and includes a character development chart, a color list, a setting and world-building questionnaire, and other helpful resources to aid writers in their story crafting.

Agent Listings/Query Help

Agent Query: One of the web’s largest free searchable databases of literary agents.

Query Tracker: An extensive, searchable source for literary agents and data, with query tracking and organizational options to keep help you keep on top of submissions, rejections, and acceptance.

MS Wishlist: A list of running requests from literary agents detailing what manuscripts they’d like to receive.

Manuscript Wishlist: Another list of current literary agent manuscript request, as well as a blog and other resources.

Writer’s Forums

Absolute Write Water Cooler: A forum for writers in all stages, with useful information regarding what publishers and agents are legitimate and who to avoid.

Writing Forums: A dot org forum helping writers help writers in all areas of writing, from setting to character development.

Writer’s Digest Writing Forum: Writer’s Digest is a trusted name in the writing world, and naturally they have their own dedicated forum for writers.

Writing Forums: A dot com forum connecting writers for discussions and help in their craft.

SFF Chronicles: A forum specifically for Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers.

Writer’s Beat: A community of authors that share the passion of writing.

Podcasts for Writers

Writing Class Radio: A podcast of an actual in-session writing class.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing: Style, grammar and punctuation tips for writers.

Helping Writers Become Authors: A must-listen for writers with the aspiration of publication that focuses on writing and polishing superb manuscripts.


Critique Circle: A four-time winner of Writer’s Digest 101 Best Writing Websites Awards focusing on critiquing writer’s work regardless of genre.

Scribophile: A writer’s workshop and critiquing group that allows writers to share their own work and offer critiques on others’.

Inked Voices: An online workshop that allows its users to collaborate in private workspaces.


CreateSpace: A self-publishing and indie-publishing platform that excels in ease of use.

IngramSpark: A print-on-demand platform that allows for greater range of publishing outlet options.

Lulu: A popular free-to-publish site for indie writers.

Writing Software

Scrivener: One of the internet’s most well known writing softwares with a wealth of features for the writer.

Write Or Die: A unique writing program that gives you a choice: keep writing or let your avatar die. The choice is yours.

Dabble: A new writing program that helps you track and adjust your writing goals with a plethora of features to keep you and your book on track. (A special thanks to Jacob at Dabble for providing the lists below!)

Editing Tools

Hemingway is a handy online (and offline) app for analysing a text for obvious readability issues such as overlong sentences and weak constructions.

The Bookalyzer will analyze up to 200,000 words in a matter of seconds to identify hard-to-find consistency errors and a host of other details.

Other Writing Tools:

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