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We’re dedicated to helping writers succeed in their writing goals and strive for our clients’ utmost satisfaction.

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Our Services:

Developmental Editing

Our developmental editing is the most intense content editing we provide. With this editing service, you will get detailed notes throughout your manuscript regarding voice, tone, syntax, dialogue, scenes and character development, exposition, and balance. This is a deep editing package which will likely change your work dramatically, making it a stronger piece, and will likely require heavy rewriting. The result is an enhanced, more substantial version of your novel with notes that guide you to a flawless final product.

Copy Editing

Our other major editing service is copy editing – this is where one of our team will comb through your manuscript in great detail for issues of style, accuracy or consistency, and present you with a marked-up version to go through. Every book benefits from this process, which our tried-and-trusted team also undertakes for major publishers as well as individual authors.


Our most basic editing package, with this service we will assure your work is free of errors in grammar and punctuation. This is recommended for strong pieces that are in their final drafts and free of developmental issues. We focus solely on correcting proofing errors.

Critical Review & Consultation

We will read through your manuscript and give you a detailed review and notes on how to improve your story arc, character development and exposition.

Regardless of your needs, we are dedicated to assisting you in your goal of creating the most polished version of your story possible. Reach us via our contact form for a service quote and to tell us about your project.