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We’re dedicated to helping writers succeed in their writing goals and strive for our client’s utmost satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional services in writing and editing. We offer premium quality with mindfulness about cost and your bottom line.

For a free, no-obligation quote on ghostwriting or editing, contact us via our contact form.

Our Guides:

10K in 3 Days: Facebook Success for Writers (PDF Instant Download)

Having 10,000 followers on Facebook does more than boost your ego as an author. It gives social proof to bring more organic fans to your website and work, gives you a higher page ranking and indexing by Google, and gives you 30-60% off future Facebook ads targeting your genre. A large following of real people is attractive to agents and publishers alike. To help you get your platform off and running in record time, we’ve developed an in-depth guide with the exact steps to take to get you 10K followers.

$21.00  $16.50 (Limited Time Only!)



Pinterest Success Course for Writers (PDF Instant Download)

if_pinterest_313647Pinterest is a huge lead generator and is widely used as a search engine for book lovers and writers alike. To get the most out of your presence on Pinterest, we’ve developed a complete PDF course with actionable steps to elevating your platform.

$21.00  $16.50 (Limited Time Only!)


Instagram Success Course for Writers (PDF Instant Download)

if_instagram_313646Just as Pinterest can unlock the potential to finding future fans, Instagram is a valuable tool in a new writer’s repertoire. Don’t pay for followers or spin your wheels trying to cajole them with unresponsive hashtags. In this PDF course, we give you the tools and knowledge to boost your Instagram following organically and get genuine “likes” for your account.

$21.00  $16.50 (Limited Time Only!)


How to Write a Novel–A 12 Step Guide (PDF Instant Download)if_paypal_313648

The definitive step-by-step guide to creating the first draft of your novel. Whether you’re a new writer working on your first piece or a published author with books under your belt, in this PDF, you’ll learn the stream-lined process of how to go from idea to “the end”.



Our Services:

Author Platform Set-Up

if_wordpress_313633Every author needs a hub, and author platforms are expected in our line of work. Let us set up your site for you, so you can focus on what’s important: your writing. All of our author platform set-ups include a fully functional website with opt-in email capture and an engaging layout tailored to your brand identity, plus Facebook Page setup and a business Pinterest account with board topics included for your target audience, ready to use. (Cost for this service includes a year of your custom domain name and your first year of premium WordPress. Opening content is supplied. Ongoing blog content is not provided.)


*Contact us for details prior to purchase

Ghostwriting & Partial Ghostwriting

We strive to express your story in your unique voice, articulating your ideas, characters, and story arcs with diligence and confidentiality. We work closely with you in the critical planning stages of your novel, assuring we fully understand your direction and goals in the key elements of plot, tone, style, dialogue, story arc, and character development. Upon that full understanding, we give form to your idea and flesh it out with passion and substance.

Our partial ghost writing service helps fill in the gaps of your story with original content. All ghostwriting services are completely confidential and the full rights of the finished product is always in your hands. (Due to the volume of projects and our commitment to giving our full attention to crafting stellar work for every client we take on, ghostwriting services may not always be available. Contact us to ask about schedule vacancies.)

Developmental Editing

Our developmental editing is the most intense content editing we provide. With this editing service, you will get detailed notes throughout your manuscript regarding voice, tone, syntax, dialogue, scenes and character development, exposition, and balance. This is a deep editing package which will likely change your work dramatically, making it a stronger piece, and will likely require heavy rewriting. The result is an enhanced, more substantial version of your novel with notes that guide you to a flawless final product.


Our most basic editing package, with this service we will assure your work is free of errors in grammar and punctuation. This is recommended for strong pieces that are in their final drafts and free of developmental issues. We focus solely on correcting proofing errors.

Critical Review & Consultation

We will read through your manuscript and give you a 5 to 10 page detailed review and notes on how to improve your story arc, character development and exposition.

Regardless of your needs, we are dedicated to assisting you in your goal of creating the most polished version of your story possible. Contact us via our contact form for a service quote and to tell us about your project.